Do you have debts with James Warren.?

If you have debts of over £6000, you may be able to write off your debts with a Scottish Trust Deed – from £80 per month

James Warren.

Have James Warren. been chasing you for debts? James Warren. are bailiffs who are authorised by Hertford County Court to collect money owed to their clients.

If James Warren. have been in touch, contact us immediately for independent, free and confidential advice. We will look at all of your options and try to stop the bailiff from taking any further action. Act quickly to avoid repossession and possible entry to your property.

James Warren. have a company number of 11176084.

Their mailing address is:
1 Manor Gardens Close, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, LE11 1DL

James Warren. have an incorporation date of 1/29/2018.

Their license was first granted on 27/04/2018.

Important: Don’t let James Warren. into your property, no matter what they tell you about their rights. Contact us immediately and we will try to stop them before the matter escalates.

Your rights against bailiffs:

  • Your rights against bailiffs:
  • They can not enter your property between certain times.
  • They can only enter through a door, no windows.

A bailiff can make a visit to your property when you do not pay your debts on time. Their usual collections are for council tax arrears, court fines, county court judgements, criminal fines, credit cards, loans, payday loans and many more.

James Warren. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get rid of my debts with James Warren.?

If may be possible to write off a portion of your debts through a formal arrangement called a Scottish Trust Deed. This depends on how the people you owe money to handle the proposal you submit. You should seek independent financial advice to see the best way for you.

Can James Warren. come into my property?

In certain situations, it is possible that your lenders get a court order to allow them access to your property. This is usually for criminal offences such as: parking fines, council tax arrears, benefit fraud and unpaid parking fines.

What is a Scottish Trust Deed?

A Scottish Trust Deed is a formal way to consolidate all of your unsecured debts in to one affordable monthly payment, starting from £80 per month.


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